“constant faith in people”

I believe Christine was the inspiration behind Nike’s famous motto: just do it. Indeed anything can and will be done – punctually, perfectly and pro-actively – just as long as you have Christine on your team. Her natural born leadership skills and everlasting zeal is so contagious you feel guilty for every minute a task was left undone in your list.

She guides you but doesn’t spoil you; she teaches you but doesn’t belittle you. She is a person you can rely on without hesitation regarding your problems (be it professional or personal) and is the solid rock everybody wishes they will grow up to be. What impresses me most is Continue reading “constant faith in people”

“someone you can trust”

Christine understands both the micro and macro level from organizing the website, recruiting the right people to execute on the events, to developing the tools and resources needed to support their efforts effectively. She is very passionate and treats everyone with great respect. The best part of Christine is the similarity between her professional side and personal side. Christine can be both a boss and a friend. That makes her as someone you can partner with and Continue reading “someone you can trust”

“made it all possible”

Before Christine came over to help, my home office was a chaotic mess of boxes, piles, wrong colors, and inaccessible materials. Definitely NOT an inviting place, or a place that lent itself to concentration. In just under six hours, Christine turned the space around, literally, helping me to understand what I needed to do to make it work for me, how to incorporate colors that blended instead of fought with each other, and how to effectively utilize the furnishing I already owned. Continue reading “made it all possible”

“orientation to detail”

One of the things I’ve always admired about her was her need to document just about everything(!) – an “orientation” to detail that has proven invaluable down the road. Chris is also blessed to be both visionary and able to execute and get things done. A rabid networker, Chris is devoted, bighearted and fun. But she is also the consumate professional. If you have her on your team, she’ll go the distance and then some for you. If you have the opportunity to Continue reading “orientation to detail”

“spectacular eye for simplicity, elegance, functionality, space”

My home did not feel like a home until Christine transformed it in only three hours one afternoon. Our home was filled with clutter and misplaced furniture. The fengshui and chi just did not feel right. I don’t know if it ever did, and I’ve been living in my home for over 10 years. I became frustrated over time and knew the only person who could do this right was Christine.

Christine has a spectacular eye for simplicity, elegance, functionality, and space. She can read what a room needs in a matter of minutes and knows how to turn the energy around in an instant. She can tell you simple ways to enhance your home, where to place furniture to bring out the most Continue reading “spectacular eye for simplicity, elegance, functionality, space”

“she made it very easy”

My husband Tristan and I had been struggling for a way to find more space in our condo for our growing family, but we were unsure of our seemingly crazy thought to turn our closet into a mini bedroom for our son, Noah. We had too much stuff and felt overwhelmed by all of it. Christine came over to have a look and talked with me in detail about our needs. I was thrilled that she thought the closet idea was great, and even happier with her proposal to rearrange the entire Continue reading “she made it very easy”

“superb facilitator, motivator”

One thing I wanted to write about was you actually, but I wasn’t sure how to say it. You were the person that inspired me the most in SF Hep B Free. You pushed me to do more than I expected from myself and kept us on track. Without your guidance and support, we would not have been able to do as much as we did. You are a superb facilitator and motivator. You diffuse situations with grace and professionalism. You give us positive reinforcement when it is most needed. It was a joy to Continue reading “superb facilitator, motivator”

“changed family dynamics”

Christine has made us realize that we don’t need to get a bunch of new “stuff”, and that we can use our existing furniture to make the space work for us. By implementing some of her principles of space organization and design, not only were we able to change the look and feel of the room, but it also changed our family dynamics.

We now have more space in the entry way, and the walkways around the dining table has widened a lot – a big plus. With the bookshelf where it is now, my husband says it has made him want to read all the books that Continue reading “changed family dynamics”

“intuitive, not formulaic”

I liken Christine’s ability to transform spaces using existing furniture to the San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. When you look at what Harbaugh did with that team… the team that he took over… he basically took 95% of the SAME players under Mike Singletary, TURNED them into a 13 and 3 loss, and took them to the Super Bowl with almost the EXACT same players!

You would be hard pressed in the history of the league – I’m willing to bet – to find a more striking contrast as to what kind of impact a coach can have on a team. That’s what I think of when I think about Christine’s space planning skills! Continue reading “intuitive, not formulaic”

“intelligent, sincere, thoughtful”

I witnessed Christine build an organization across the globe – a feat which demonstrates her leadership, unbounded energy, and charisma. I was impressed by her ability to engage a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures, and how natural she was at motivating others and inspiring people to do their best work. Christine believes in the potential of those around her and actively encourages people to take full ownership. It is this management approach, capped Continue reading “intelligent, sincere, thoughtful”