About Me

I am a professional organizer.

I run a business that provides space planning and organizing services. My work directly impacts people’s lives. In turn, it gives meaning to my own life. Being able to see beyond the clutter, visualize much better scenarios, and know how to make it happen is a gift that I don’t take for granted.

I am a domain investor.

I have always been fascinated by the power of words. So when I stumbled upon the niche market of domain investing, I was hooked. The whole point of marketing is to establish brand recall. So why throw money into the bottomless pits of ad campaigns when you can own a domain name that people can remember on their own?

I am a community builder.

Amongst other initiatives, I chaired the relaunch of CAPT, co-founded ORIENTED.ORG, took ORIENTED.COM global, and am currently leading the charge to coalesce this alumni network. At one point, I did throw in the towel and declared, “Never again!” But bringing people together is what I do. Resistance is futile.

I am an INTJ.

For better or for worse, this article describes me to a tee. The mastermind trait serves me well when it comes to my long career as an organizer. But in terms of social norms, I often feel like I don’t quite fit in. Why can’t I just be normal, and do normal things? After giving this a lot of thought, my conclusion is – it ain’t easy being me. 😎

I am a mom to a sweet little boy.

Well he’s not so little any more, but he is still very sweet.

I have one, weird, idiosyncrasy.

Whenever someone gives me a gift card to Starbucks or Peet’s, I get a little giddy and then laugh at myself for feeling this way. I can’t figure it out. Wanna try it and see for yourself?

Just push my button, bottom right.

Get it? 😎