“intuitive, not formulaic”

I liken Christine’s ability to transform spaces using existing furniture to the San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. When you look at what Harbaugh did with that team… the team that he took over… he basically took 95% of the SAME players under Mike Singletary, TURNED them into a 13 and 3 loss, and took them to the Super Bowl with almost the EXACT same players!

You would be hard pressed in the history of the league – I’m willing to bet – to find a more striking contrast as to what kind of impact a coach can have on a team. That’s what I think of when I think about Christine’s space planning skills!

I have witnessed first hand how people react to Christine’s room configurations, as if the furniture pieces were custom-designed specifically for that room. Her ability to create beautiful, comfortable, and cozy spaces using existing furniture goes beyond the technical applications of feng shui elements. It’s intuitive for her, not formulaic. It’s not something that can be taught. She understands how rooms flow, and she knows how to bring out the full potential of the furniture pieces, the energy of them, and how they play together.

Christopher H.
Operations Executive
Cloud Industry