“constant faith in people”

I believe Christine was the inspiration behind Nike’s famous motto: just do it. Indeed anything can and will be done – punctually, perfectly and pro-actively – just as long as you have Christine on your team. Her natural born leadership skills and everlasting zeal is so contagious you feel guilty for every minute a task was left undone in your list.

She guides you but doesn’t spoil you; she teaches you but doesn’t belittle you. She is a person you can rely on without hesitation regarding your problems (be it professional or personal) and is the solid rock everybody wishes they will grow up to be. What impresses me most is Continue reading “constant faith in people”

“someone you can trust”

Christine understands both the micro and macro level from organizing the website, recruiting the right people to execute on the events, to developing the tools and resources needed to support their efforts effectively. She is very passionate and treats everyone with great respect. The best part of Christine is the similarity between her professional side and personal side. Christine can be both a boss and a friend. That makes her as someone you can partner with and Continue reading “someone you can trust”

“superb facilitator, motivator”

One thing I wanted to write about was you actually, but I wasn’t sure how to say it. You were the person that inspired me the most in SF Hep B Free. You pushed me to do more than I expected from myself and kept us on track. Without your guidance and support, we would not have been able to do as much as we did. You are a superb facilitator and motivator. You diffuse situations with grace and professionalism. You give us positive reinforcement when it is most needed. It was a joy to Continue reading “superb facilitator, motivator”

“intelligent, sincere, thoughtful”

I witnessed Christine build an organization across the globe – a feat which demonstrates her leadership, unbounded energy, and charisma. I was impressed by her ability to engage a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures, and how natural she was at motivating others and inspiring people to do their best work. Christine believes in the potential of those around her and actively encourages people to take full ownership. It is this management approach, capped Continue reading “intelligent, sincere, thoughtful”

“leadership and commitment”

It’s not often these days to find anyone of our (your) generation who stick with something and do it so well for 10 years. In truth, I’m actually surprised that it’s only been 10 because Oriented is such an institution with so many of us in the Asia/Asian-American community, and has been for so long. It has really been, and continues to be a fantastic networking organization, and I don’t know anyone else who could have pulled it off. Your energy, leadership, and commitment are inspiring to Continue reading “leadership and commitment”