“constant faith in people”

I believe Christine was the inspiration behind Nike’s famous motto: just do it. Indeed anything can and will be done – punctually, perfectly and pro-actively – just as long as you have Christine on your team. Her natural born leadership skills and everlasting zeal is so contagious you feel guilty for every minute a task was left undone in your list.

She guides you but doesn’t spoil you; she teaches you but doesn’t belittle you. She is a person you can rely on without hesitation regarding your problems (be it professional or personal) and is the solid rock everybody wishes they will grow up to be. What impresses me most is her insatiable power of energy within and her constant faith in people around her.

Words can not express what ORIENTED and Christine have done for me and the guidance it has provided for my career path and personal direction in life. Christine represents the epitome of Malcolm Gladwell’s coined term ‘the connector’ – people who link us up with the world and those with a special gift for bringing the world together.

Evelyne Tseng-Shields
Trainee Solicitor
Chivas Brothers

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