“changed family dynamics”

Christine has made us realize that we don’t need to get a bunch of new “stuff”, and that we can use our existing furniture to make the space work for us. By implementing some of her principles of space organization and design, not only were we able to change the look and feel of the room, but it also changed our family dynamics.

We now have more space in the entry way, and the walkways around the dining table has widened a lot – a big plus. With the bookshelf where it is now, my husband says it has made him want to read all the books that Continue reading “changed family dynamics”

“intuitive, not formulaic”

I liken Christine’s ability to transform spaces using existing furniture to the San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. When you look at what Harbaugh did with that team… the team that he took over… he basically took 95% of the SAME players under Mike Singletary, TURNED them into a 13 and 3 loss, and took them to the Super Bowl with almost the EXACT same players!

You would be hard pressed in the history of the league – I’m willing to bet – to find a more striking contrast as to what kind of impact a coach can have on a team. That’s what I think of when I think about Christine’s space planning skills! Continue reading “intuitive, not formulaic”

“saved me a ton of money”

I was a bachelor living like an overgrown college student when I met Christine about 14 years ago. She had the guts to be honest enough to tell me that I was living like a slob as a single professional guy, and that I deserved better. How could I find a date when I used a bed sheet for a living room curtain that hung on paper clips?

She came up with the novel idea of throwing an “Apartment Rearrangement Party” where I provided free pizza and beer in exchange for labor from close friends. In all, 14 people showed up to my place one Saturday evening, and for the next two hours, she directed what furniture should be Continue reading “saved me a ton of money”