“saved me a ton of money”

I was a bachelor living like an overgrown college student when I met Christine about 14 years ago. She had the guts to be honest enough to tell me that I was living like a slob as a single professional guy, and that I deserved better. How could I find a date when I used a bed sheet for a living room curtain that hung on paper clips?

She came up with the novel idea of throwing an “Apartment Rearrangement Party” where I provided free pizza and beer in exchange for labor from close friends. In all, 14 people showed up to my place one Saturday evening, and for the next two hours, she directed what furniture should be Continue reading “saved me a ton of money”

“everything just makes sense”

When we moved into the house, we were expecting a baby, my husband was starting a new job, and we had two elementary school-age children starting at a new school. A lot of our kitchen items were shoved into the nearest drawer or shelf with minimal thought to how we’d use it… which resulted in haphazard and spotty organization in the kitchen that we had been living in for almost ten years! My family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, but we’re constantly bumping into each other trying to find what we need. It was frustrating, but it never occurred to me to rethink the process until Christine came to the rescue. Continue reading “everything just makes sense”

“systematic and meticulous”

I worked with Christine Hsu from 1999 to 2007 as Legal Counsel for ORIENTED. I give my highest, unequivocal recommendation of Christine. Christine is systematic and meticulous. Her appreciation for how standard operating procedures contribute to overall efficiency is the reason why ORIENTED has been able to expand so quickly and so successfully around the world. Most business owners tend to negate operational and corporate procedures, thinking instead that Continue reading “systematic and meticulous”

“leadership and commitment”

It’s not often these days to find anyone of our (your) generation who stick with something and do it so well for 10 years. In truth, I’m actually surprised that it’s only been 10 because Oriented is such an institution with so many of us in the Asia/Asian-American community, and has been for so long. It has really been, and continues to be a fantastic networking organization, and I don’t know anyone else who could have pulled it off. Your energy, leadership, and commitment are inspiring to Continue reading “leadership and commitment”