“systematic and meticulous”

I worked with Christine Hsu from 1999 to 2007 as Legal Counsel for ORIENTED. I give my highest, unequivocal recommendation of Christine. Christine is systematic and meticulous. Her appreciation for how standard operating procedures contribute to overall efficiency is the reason why ORIENTED has been able to expand so quickly and so successfully around the world. Most business owners tend to negate operational and corporate procedures, thinking instead that they are better off developing their business by focusing on their core product or service, but my experience is that these business owners eventually find that they have unwittingly limited themselves and their business. Christine does not think like these other business owners, and her success today is clearly the result of her attention to systems and how they impact growth and scalability. Christine is the most thorough and organized person I know in all aspects of her life.

Michael D. Lee
Partner, Pamir Law Group

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